Premium Cat Litter was developed in partnership with veterinarians to assist in the care of cats of all breeds and ages. Its white color reveals possible changes in the color of cats’ urine (caused by the presence of blood, pus, etc.), helping to detect kidney problems in advance, facilitating treatment and helping to monitor improvement.

PROCATS is 100% natural because it is made from a unique combination of calcium carbonate crystals and natural binders, free from chemical additives, fragrances, and preservatives. That’s why it’s non-toxic and doesn’t cause allergies, which makes it safe for the health of cats and their owners. It is also beneficial to the environment, because in addition to not being a polluting agent, in contact with the soil, calcium carbonate helps regulate its pH.

The inconvenient bad smell in the environment is resolved: PROCATS has ultra absorption, forming firm and immediate lumps that eliminate the odor of urine in seconds in a natural way. It also assists in controlling the odor of feces and facilitating its removal. Disposal can be done in ordinary garbage, since it leaves no smell in the environment.

Its homogeneous and rounded grains provide greater comfort for cats and their soft paws, especially in kittens. In addition, it does not make dust or mud, avoiding footprints around the house.

Puss in Boots

The Premium Cat Litter Gato de Botas (Puss in Boots) is the newest product from PROVALE, a sand for cats with various differentials, among them, the white color, the formation of instant lumps, not making dust, great odor control, neutral pH, hypoallergenic, free of chemical additives, nontoxic, not containing preservatives and fragrances.

Because it is white, it effectively monitors the health of cats. It allows pointing out possible signs of alteration in the renal system of cats, either due to a lack of hydration or even the presence of blood in the urine.