CPB 40 And CPB 32

The white cements CPB40 and CPB32 are indicated for: jobsites in general, colored and textured coatings, patinas and mosaics, industrial, commercial and residential floors (sidewalk, burned cement, stamped concrete and others),

mortar to lay natural stones, marbles and granites, concretes for general use, production of artifacts (vases, fences, fountains, sculptures, pre-casting), hydraulic tiles and floors, roof tiles and concrete blocks.

Barite – Mortar

One of the most used products for shielding radiology rooms is barite mortar. Barite, being a high-density mineral, is added to the mixture, with the aim of increasing the density of the mortar,

making the coating denser for the walls of the room where the radiopaque tests are performed for the x-rays, preventing the rays – harmful to health, from leaving the environment where the tests are performed.