The Mineral

Calcium carbonate is a chemical substance with the formula CaCO3. It is the main component of rocks such as limestone. In nature, calcium carbonate minerals are found in three forms:

  • Aragonite: When the crystals have an orthorhombic shape.
  • Calcite: When the crystals have the shape of a rhombohedral or trigonal form. It is the most stable mineral of calcium carbonates.
  • Vaterite: A less stable polymorphous mineral of calcium carbonate that crystallizes in a hexagonal system. Because it is the least stable among calcium carbonate minerals, it is the scarcest in natural environments.

Typical characteristics of the main carbonate reserves found in Brazil & World

Calcitic Lime> 85.00< 2.5ES-BRExtra White
Cretaceous> 94.00< 1.50CE/RN-BRBeige
Dolomitic> 60.00< 5.00PR-BRWhite
Calcitic Lime> 98.00< 0.20TurkeyWhite
Calcitic Lime> 94.00< 0.50USAWhite

Main applications

Pipes and Fittings / Liners / Profiles & Tiles - PVC

Calcium carbonate is used in numerous rigid PVC applications, the most significant being in pipes, fittings, liners, profiles, and tiles. PROFINE is constantly investing to offer its customers the best product line for these applications


Among the main advantages of PROFINE calcium carbonate in molding applications, we highlight: • Reduction in process cycle time; • Better dimensional stability; • Greater rigidity; • Better impact resistance; • Possibility of reducing the use of titanium dioxide; • Fusion at lower temperatures.

Polypropylene plates

PROFINE calcium carbonates can be incorporated up to 60% with polypropylene without letting the products lose their desired final quality.


PROFINE natural calcium carbonates are indicated to improve the productivity and mechanical properties in various types of applications, bringing benefits from thinner to thicker films. In addition to providing more stiffness to parts and increased impact resistance, Profine micronized carbonates increase production in all types of plastic processing industries.


Profine coated micronized calcium carbonates are indicated to improve the mechanical properties of raffia.


PROFINE NANOFINE 1 micronized carbonate is a mineral additive indicated to reduce raw material costs and improve the final quality of polyesters.


In addition to the cost reduction due to the introduction of high percentages of calcium carbonate in flexible PVC's, depending on the applications and choices of the type of calcium carbonate, several benefits can be identified in the process and in the final product.

Rubber & Elastomer

With the use of the appropriate type of PROFINE calcium carbonate, users can achieve great savings, since they can add a high load of GCC without, with this, harming the processing or the final properties of the pieces.



With the use of PROFINE carbonates, it is possible to improve the control of viscosity, the thermal expansion coefficient, mechanical and optical properties, in addition to considerably reducing final production costs.

Food & Toothpaste

PROPFINE's unit is prepared for the production of special carbonates for food, toothpaste and other applications where chemical purity and production process controls are essential for safety in its use.

Oil & Gas

We are a reference in the market, as a major producer and distributor of a wide line of additives for the Oil and Gas segment, used in drilling, production and cementing of wells. Among the outstanding products are: Aragonites (2-44/44-74/74-174), calcium carbonates that are coarse, intermediate, medium, fine and micronized.


We produce a wide variety of calcium carbonates with different average particle sizes and coverage. The PROFINE line is able to significantly improve some of the main properties of paints, besides providing savings in formulations.

Unit Location


Installed Capacity: 1.3 million tons per year

Products: Mortar, Steel Dolomitic Limestone, Natural Calcium Carbonate and Barite

Address: Vila Itaoca, W/O No.
Disrict of Itaoca | Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.325-000


Installed Capacity: 80,000 tons per year

Products: Natural Calcium Carbonate, Special Natural Calcium Carbonate and Cretaceous Calcium Carbonate

Address: Estrada Brejo Grande, 145
PQ Jardim Aeroporto | Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ | Brazil
ZIP 28.093-000