Still little explored in Brazil, white portland cement differs from all others by its brightness or white color, higher than 90%, which enables its vast application in the construction market, and allows greater color fidelity after pigmentation. This is classified in Brazil as structural and not structural. The structural type is mainly applied in white concrete for architectural purposes, with resistance classes that can vary from 25, 32 and 40 MPa, similar to other types of gray cement. On the other hand, the non-structural, has no class indications and is applied, for example, in the grouting of tiles and in non-structural applications.

Provale is the only manufacturer of white cement on Brazilian soil. They produce the White Cement brand PROCIM, strictly following the NBR 12989/93 (Brazilian Standard), in other words, a product recognized as high performance

Main applications

CPB 40 & CPB 32

CPB40 and CPB32 white cements are suitable for: jobs in general, colorful and textured coatings, patinas and mosaics, industrial, commercial and residential floors (sidewalk, burnt cement, stamped concrete and others), mortar to lay natural stones, marbles and granites, concrete for general use, production of artifacts (vases, fences, fountains, sculptures, precast), hydraulic tiles and floors, tiles and concrete blocks.

Unit Location


Installed Capacity: 1.3 million tons per year

Products: Mortar, Steel Dolomitic Limestone, Natural Calcium Carbonate and Barite

Address: Vila Itaoca, W/O No.
Disrict of Itaoca | Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.325-000