PROCATS PREMIUM CAT LITTER and PUSS IN BOOTS were developed in partnership with veterinarians to assist the care and health of all cats breeds and age.

PROCATS and PUSS IN BOOTS are high performance, sustainable and 100% natural due to their exclusive formulation, where they combine homogeneous calcium carbonate crystals with natural corn binder, free of chemical additives, fragrances and preservatives. Its white color reveals possible changes in urine color cats, caused by the presence of blood and pus, so its easier to detect kidney problems and even hydration, facilitating the treatment and helping to monitor the recovery of the cats. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, being safe for the cats health and their owners.

The product is beneficial to the environment, since calcium carbonate, isn´t a polluting agent. In contact with the soil, helps to regulate its pH.

The inconvenience of bad smell in the location is solved: PROCATS and PUSS IN BOOTS have ultra absorption, strong clumps and easy scoop, eliminating the odor in seconds. This characteristic also makes cat litter extremely economical, since only the clump will be removed from the tray, so it has a better cost benefit than most of others cat litter.

Its homogeneous and rounded grains provide more comfort to the paws, especially to the young. In addition, it does not make dust or mud, avoiding footprints around the house.

PROCATS and PUSS IN BOOTS are the right choices and the ideal brands for your cat’s health and well-being.

Main applications


See the application table of the Premium Cat Litter.

Puss in Boots

See the application table of the Premium Cat Litter Gato de Botas (Puss in Boots).

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Installed Capacity: 1.3 million tons per year

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