The Company

Founded in 1971, in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, in Espírito Santo, the PROvale Group began its activities with the production of lime for Vale do Rio Doce. Its activities have been diversified over the decades, which has provided the company with constant growth and wealth generation in the region where it has its operations.

The year 1979 marks the beginning of the production of fine dolomitic limestone, destined for the steel sector in full expansion in the State. The search for development was constant, aiming at the best use of its mineral reserves based on white calcium carbonate. The professionals who make up the Group conducted incessant research and studies in order to achieve innovative solutions that could provide the market with the best products and with the highest quality standards.

In 1995, they began production of a line of white calcium carbonates, destined for the segments of paint and paper. Already in 2000, they launched a complete line of mortars based on plaster and cement – both with the possibility of being projected and produced from carbonate sands. Participation in the oil and gas market began in 2007, with a line of calcium carbonates, a product that today makes the company the leader in this segment. Barite, an expensive mineral in the country and fundamental for drilling around the world, also started to be produced by the organization.


Beginning of lime production for Vale do Rio Doce. In the photo, a record of how the process was carried out in the 1970s and 1980s


Beginning of the production of fine dolomitic limestone, destined for the steel sector in full expansion in ES


Production of a line of white calcium carbonates, intended for the segments of paint and paper


Launch of a complete line of plaster and cement-based mortars


PROvale starts its participation in the Oil and Gas market, with a line of calcium and barite carbonates


Inauguration of PROfine, an industrial plant for the production of natural carbonates


Market launch of a line of carbonates destined for Oral Care and foods, making use of imported raw materials


Creation of PROCIM, manufacturing unit of Structural White Cement, a unique project in Brazil

Customers from the Most Diverse Industries

Present in the most diverse segments of the economy, PROvale’s raw materials are part of the daily lives of thousands of Brazilians. In toothpaste, coffee plantations, sanitary fixtures, PVC liners, PVC compounds, tires, and even CA-based food enrichment additives.

DNA of Innovation and Success

The tireless search for innovation is in the DNA of PROvale and, in 2008, the Group presented a new industrial unit, designed for the production of micronized natural calcium carbonates. In a short time, it became the first in the country to offer, on a large scale, a line of natural calcium carbonates with a medium diameter, of particles with sizes close to 1 micra and with an elevated chemical purity to meet the most demanding customers of the Food and Oral Care segments.

Always Focusing on Evolution and Growth

This whole history of PROvale Holding SA makes it a differentiated company that is moving towards constant evolution, always focusing on launching new products. Its average growth exceeds 20% (per year), just in the last 15 years. Now, the Group is moving towards the great expansion of the only portland white cement plant in all of Brazil. The product is distinguished by its brightness or white color, which allows its vast application in the construction market and many other markets still little explored in the country, such as the application in white asbestos tiles. It is classified in Brazil as non-structural and structural, the latter which can be applied mainly in white concrete for architectural purposes and used by mortar producing companies, with resistance classes that can range from 25 to 40 Mpa (unit of measure).



Installed Capacity: 1.3 million tons per year

Products: Mortar, Steel Dolomitic Limestone, Natural Calcium Carbonate and Barite

Address: Vila Itaoca, W/O No.
Disrict of Itaoca | Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.325-000


Installed Capacity: 100,000 tons per year

Products: Barite and Mineral Additives

Address: ROD BR 101 (Area), W/O No. | KM 278
Carapina | Serra/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.160-040


Installed Capacity: 80,000 tons per year

Products: Natural Calcium Carbonate, Special Natural Calcium Carbonate and Cretaceous Calcium Carbonate

Address: Estrada Brejo Grande, 145
PQ Jardim Aeroporto | Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ | Brazil
ZIP 28.093-000


Installed Capacity: 60,000 tons per year

Products: White Cement

Address: District of Gironda W/O No.
Fazenda Monte Líbano | Gironda | Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.326-000

PROVALE Distributor

Installed Capacity: 300,000 tons per year

Products: Steel Dolomitic Limestone and Natural Calcium Carbonate

Address: Locality of Gironda, W/O No.
DIstrict of Gironda | Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES – Brazil
ZIP 29.326-000

PROVALE Holdings S/A

Address: Ave. João Baptista Parra, 673 | Room 1801
Praia do Suá | Vitória/ES | Brazil
ZIP 29.050-335


Our units are distributed among the main export and import channels in Brazil. We have factories located in strategic cities, such as Profine, which is located in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. This region, in turn, is the target of large national and international groups because it is close to the Açu superport.

We are also in the Southern region of Espírito Santo, one of the largest economic cradles of Espírito Santo and in a privileged location a few kilometers from the Port of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo. We are, still, also very close to the Central Port of Presidente Kennedy (South of ES), where a project of the Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) will soon be installed, to make it the largest port terminal in the whole country.