Barite – Brake Pads

Barite is one of the most used minerals in friction, because it keeps the coefficient of friction very stable. Its peculiar characteristic is the formation of

of a very stable friction limit layer at high temperatures, leaving the surface cleaner and improving the resistance to wear of the piece.


With the use of PROFINE carbonates, it is possible to improve control of viscosity, thermal expansion coefficient, mechanical and optical properties, in addition to considerably reducing final production costs.

Depending on the type of carbonate used, there may still be optimal surfaces of the molded pieces, and with a high load, increase the density of the packaging.

Rubber & Elastomer

With the use of the appropriate type of PROFINE calcium carbonate, users can achieve great savings, since they can add a high load of GCC without, with this, harming the processing or the final properties of the pieces.

Among the main benefits, we highlight:

  • Improvement in industrial processing;
  • Easier release of molds;
  • Better mixing effect between compounds.