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White Cement

White Cement 

White Portland Cement is different of all cements due to its whiteness, which permits its wide application in civil construction market. Furthermore, it is much less explored in the country.  White Portland Cement is rated in Brazil as structural and non-structural. Structural cement is applied primarily in white concretes for architectural purposes, with resistance classes varying from 25, 32 and/or 40 Mpa, similar to further types of gray cement. On the other hand, non-structural cement does not have class indication and it is applied, for instance, in tile sealing and non-structural applications. 

Analyzing the large growth potential of this market in Brazil, and due the fact that, since 2007, the country paralyzed the production of this type of cement, Provale as national leader in white calcium carbonate production, main raw material for clinker manufacturing and white cement, staring in 2014 the implementation of one more factory. 

This new unit aims at producing around 380,000 tons (year) of white cement up to 2017. In stage I, we shall perform the imported clinker milling plus the addition of calcium carbonate. In stage II, we intend to produce clinker in Brazil with objective to provide the market with a product less expensive, permitting it to be more used in Brazilian’s daily life.



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