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With investments in the pursuit for solutions which offer products able to provide efficiency, economy, durability and beauty to every kind of work in civil construction, we have a full mortar line. 

One differential of mortars produced by Provale comes from its industrial sand extracted from white natural calcium carbonate in its deposits located in the State of Espírito Santo. All of this sand extraction and production processes are in agreement with strict-required environmental standards.

Our mortar line based on cement is composed by specific products to meet each constructive function. Oriented for settling, inner and outer coating (manual and projected) and subfloor.  In addition, we have a projected mortar line based on plaster oriented to inner coating.


It is an adhesive mortar for roughcast. Suitable to be applied over concrete surfaces like roofs, pillars and beams, with the function of forming a point of adhesion for coating mortar.

Chemical Composition:
» Portland Cement;
» Filler Limestone ;
» Industrialized carbonated sand (CaCO3 MgCO3);
» Special imported additives..

Packaging: » Bag of 20kg.

» 180 days after the date of manufacture printed on the package.

» A180 days after the date of manufacture printed on the package.

» Approximately 3 to 5 kg/m². It may vary in function of the trovel tooth surface and the substrate.

it is indicated for application on concrete surface, such as ceilings, pillars and beams, both internal and external ones with the function of forming a bridge to the mortar adhesion coating

» EXTERNAL AREAS: indicated for fixing ceramic tile in external areas, both on walls and floors
» » FAÇADES: indicated for fixing ceramic and stone, in façades or external areas, both on the floor and in the walls.

» high grip and flexibility;
» high production;
» Excellent workability.
» Easy handling and storage.


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