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Dolomitic Limestone for Steelmaking

Dolomitic Limestone for Steelmaking

Among one of the major applications in volumes of carbonates or limestones in the whole world is the disposition of Steelmaking market. In this type, calcium oxide promptly reacts with impurities, among other, with those containing sulphur, and these reactions are very important in high temperature-steelmaking processes, in which CaO produced by decomposition of CaCO3 reacts with acid impurities.

Thus, among the main functions of limestone in steel industry we found: scorify load impurities and decrease the load fusion temperature and slag viscosity facilitating its draining.

Due to excellent mineral reserves, a vertical and careful extraction process and industrialization, Provale Group was always, in historical basis, one of the largest dolomitic limestone producers in the State of Espírito Santo and a reference in quality and guarantee of customer care in the last decades.

Our limestones are industrialized in modern equipment and large crushing and sieve analysis systems, which results in fine or lump materials with the following characteristics.

Product: MgO between: CaO between: SiO2 Granulometry
Fine Limestone 5% e 15,50% 36% e 44% 3,5% e 8%  < 2mm a < 10mm
Lump Limestone 5% e 15,50% 36% e 44% 2,5% e 8% between 10 mm a 60 mm


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