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Aiming to meet the increasing Oil & Gas market demands in Brazil and Latin America, the Group started to produce this material since 2007, and in 2013, it invested in construction of an industrial unit exclusively dedicated to baryte production in the city of Serra and close to Vitoria port, in the State of Espírito Santo.

Today, added with this unit, we already have installed capacity for milling of 150,000 tons/year, being one of the largest in Latin America and the largest in Brazil.

Baryte is a barium sulfate mineral with chemical formula BaSO4. In spite of containing barium, a heavy metal, baryte is no considered as toxic due to high insolubility. Major use of baryte in the world (around 90%) aims at increase the drilling sludge density in oil industry, acting as thickener in well drilling fluids.

As Brazil has only 0.3% of world reserves and their quality does not meet the requirements demanded from clients, Provale mapped worldwide the main producers and, today, the company has safe supply sources in the main producer countries, among them Morocco, India, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Malaysia and Peru.

Our lines called PRObari 15 and PRObari 20 aims to meet all main companies in the market both to application in O&G industry and also in brake pad companies.

Produto PRObari 15 PRObari
Soecify density in g/cm² 4.15 min 4.20 min
Ratained on 74 μ (200 Mesh) 3% max. 3% max.
BaSO4 80% min. 80% min.
Cadmium 3 ppm max. 3 ppm max.
Mercury 1 ppm max. 1 ppm max.
Moisture 1% max. 1% max.
Fe 5% max. 8% max.
Si 5% max. 5% max.


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